The Lord of the Rings: A Reader’s Companion

The Lord of the Rings: A Reader’s Companion

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A unique insight into the evolution of The Lord of the Rings, detailing how mistakes crept in almost from the first printing, how Tolkien changed the text during his lifetime, posthumous changes made by Christopher Tolkien and a previously unpublished Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings, written by Tolkien himself.

Since its first publication fifty years ago, The Lord of the Rings has generated an almost unparalleled interest from both fans and critics alike. Every detail of its 500,000+ words has been examined and discussed, making it the most widely studied – and enjoyed – work of fiction of the 20th century.

In The Lord of the Rings: Fifty Years, Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull unravel the story of how an epic battle has been fought for decades, first by Professor Tolkien, then by his son, Christopher, to maintain the integrity of this huge story. They examine the work chapter by chapter, providing details of:

• Notes on significant author changes, when they entered, and any background history• Notes on changes made by Christopher Tolkien, and differences between the earliest manuscripts and the printed text• Differences between editions around the world• References to people, places and events that appear in other Tolkien books• Explanations of unusual words• Translations and primers on how to use Tolkien's invented languages• Appearing for the first time, Tolkien's own "Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings", with fascinating notes by him about many of the names he invented

The text will also be illustrated with examples of manuscripts, maps and drawings that Tolkien created as he was writing the story, including some that have not appeared in print before.

The Lord of the Rings: Fifty Years will provide a unique insight into the creative process of a true genius, and will offer a detailed and informative account of how the Book of the Century has evolved from one generation to the next.

Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull