The Lord of the Rings:Film tie-in edition

The Lord of the Rings:Film tie-in edition

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The first three volume, film tie-in, box-set edition of the Book of the Century ever published, featuring an exclusive image from the film on all three books.

Since it was first published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings has been a book people have treasured. Steeped in unrivalled magic and otherworldliness, its sweeping fantasy has touched the hearts of young and old alike. Nearly 100 million copies of its many editions have been sold around the world, and occasional collectors’ editions become prized and valuable items of publishing.

Now, the epic fantasy has been turned into a film trilogy, with the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, having been released simultaneously worldwide on 14 December 2001 to enormous acclaim – the second and third parts, The Two Towers and The Return of The King, are to follow at yearly intervals.

Already, the hype surrounding the filming of this monumental work has reached fever pitch, and images of the characters and landscape have become eagerly sought after. To satisfy the appetites of the millions of fans around the globe we will be publishing, for the first time, a special three volume, boxed-set edition, featuring an exclusive early – as yet unseen – image from the film.

A world exclusive edition of the Book of the Century, released to match the momentum of the movie experience of a lifetime.

J. R. R. Tolkien
  • A flawless masterpiece” The Times
  • ”xtraordinarily imaginative, and wholly exciting.”The Times
  • ”The story itself is superb.”Observer
  • ”A most remarkable feat.”Guardian
  • ”An astonishing imaginative tour de force.”Daily Telegraph
  • ”Tolkien was a storyteller of genius.”Literary Review
  • ”Amongst the greatest works of imaginative fiction of the twentieth century.”Sunday Telegraph