The Lord of the Rings - The Art of The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings - The Art of The Return of the King

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The official guide to the design of the final part of the award-winning film trilogy, featuring over 600 exclusive images that illustrate the creative development of The Return of the King, together with an exclusive afterword from Peter Jackson.

With complete access to artwork created over a five-year period, this authoritative and insightful book illustrates the creative development of The Return of the King. This official book contains over 600 exclusive images; from the earliest pencil sketches and conceptual drawings to magnificent paintings, sculptures and digital imagery that shaped the look of the film.

Contributing artists include John Howe and Alan Lee, artists who have inspired Peter Jackson's vision of Middle-earth and worked with him to bring the trilogy to the big screen. Peter Jackson himself provides the Afterword in which he discuss the importance of the conceptual art to the film.

The book covers most aspects of the eagerly awaited finale to the enormously successful trilogy, from locations and costumes to weaponry and creatures. The artists who created all of these diverse elements explain how they contributed to the development of the film.

Printed on high-quality art paper this lavish book is ideal for Tolkien collectors and film enthusiasts. It also makes a superb gift. Published to tie-in with release of the film, this the last of three books will complete a fascinating and truly collectable set to accompany the film trilogy.

Gary Russell
  • “Exquisite tribute to the artwork… this impressive portfolio boasts page after page of stunning designs. Ravishing stuff, this should keep fans happy until the release of the DVD.”Film Review
  • “If you were blown away by the film, prepare to be blown away again”Empire