The Lord of the Rings:Millennium edition

The Lord of the Rings:Millennium edition

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A seven-volume boxed paperback edition of the world’s most widely read classic fantasy.

For the first and last time in paperback, The Lord of the Rings is presented in seven volumes, one for each of its six parts plus a seventh volume of appendices.

Originally intended by J.R.R. Tolkien for publication as a single volume, The Lord of the Rings grew in the telling such that its publishers had to split it into three volumes for the sake of both convenience and economy. But Tolkien wrote his epic fantasy as a work of six books, plus a series of appendices, and now the work is finally published as the author intended.

This is a slipcase set of small paperbacks, bound in black covers with the distinctive Eye of Sauron (from the original jacket design) embossed in red and gold on each copy. For the first time ever, each book bears Tolkien’s original title, and has been specially typeset for this edition.

J. R. R. Tolkien
  • ‘An extraordinary book… the story itself is superb.’The Observer
  • ‘A most remarkable feat’The Guardian
  • ‘Masterpiece? Oh yes, I’ve no doubt about that.’Evening Standard
  • ‘Among the greatest works of imaginative fiction of the 20th century.’Sunday Telegraph
  • ‘An extraordinarily imaginative work, part saga, part allegory, and wholly exciting.’The Times
  • ‘A grand piece of work in both conception and execution.’Daily Telegraph